Meet Laura

My Sleep Philosophy

I developed my passion for sleep while working as a full time nanny for 17 years. I have seen first hand how healthy sleep practices, and prioritizing the child's  can contribute to our children’s and our family’s overall mood and well-being. I learned early in my career about the science of sleep, and how to prioritize sleep for the whole family.

Though I practiced sleep work throughout my career, my formal training and certification is in the Holistic Science of Sleep Method, with the International Parenting and Health Institute. 

My goal is to be a support to both you and your child while discovering the root cause of your family's unique sleep challenges.

I believe that working holistically is the best way to support a child who is struggling to sleep. Our child doesn't choose not to sleep, they can't sleep. They need our encouragement and loving presence through schedule and routine changes, emotional work, connection time, nutritional evaluation,  and sleep environment changes.

I support all family dynamics, parenting styles and philosophies. I want to teach each family how to work with their unique strengths, while honoring their instincts, intuitions and choices


About Me

I am born and raised in Chicago. I tried many options before deciding on a sleep consulting career! In addition to nannying for 17+ years, I am also a classically trained chef, and have done some graphic design and photography. I am married to my best friend and biggest cheerleader Matt. We have 2 awesome, very funny kids! We have a spoiled chinchilla named Butters. Life is crazy and full, and we all take as many naps as we can!

My hobbies include cooking, hiking, reading, travel, and exercise. I am also attuned in Reiki. I am a huge nerd for neuroscience, herbal medicine, and learning about the mind/body connection.

Sleep is not just a job for me. This is my passion, and I am always striving to grow in my knowledge and understanding of this complex topic.

Most  recently, I acquired my CLC certification (Certified Lactation Counselor.) My goal is to empower and support families in every way I can!

What to Expect if We Work Together

Once you decide your family is ready for a change, you can contact me to schedule your complementary phone consultation. After we determine my services and method are a good fit for you, I will provide you with an in-depth  intake questionnaire. I use this to get all the information I need to create a customized sleep plan for your family.

The plan I create will include a customized schedule and daily routine, step by step implementation of the sleep plan, and a checklist of all the Healthy Foundations for Sleep to ensure the success of the sleep plan.

I conduct all my consultations via Zoom meetings. For full consultations, I will provide email and phone support and weekly check-in calls while we are implementing these changes.

Many families ask me, "How long will it take before we see results?"

Holistic sleep work does take time, but the results are well worth it. You and your child will feel supported throughout this entire process. My full consultation packages include 4 weeks of support because shifting your child’s body clock, and sleep habits can take up to 3-4 weeks to accomplish. 

If you feel truly ready to commit to this work, I will be there with you the whole way through. 

This type of sleep work requires presence, and mindfulness on the part of the parent(s). Our child may need to process strong emotions as a result of the changes we are making in their daily routines. A parent should be prepared to stay with their child as needed throughout the time we work together, and sometimes beyond this time.