Holistically Healthy Sleep for your Child Age 0-6

Holistic Sleep Work is different than sleep training

What I do is not sleep training. I don’t believe you can train a child to sleep. Sleep is an extremely complex subject. It is very closely tied to developmental stages, attachment and health. Your child may need you more at some ages and stages to fall asleep than during others. Just like our own lives, various levels of change, stress, and anxiety affect our child's ability to settle and calm themselves enough to get a good night’s sleep. 

When I work with a family, I help them to uncover that the reason their family is experiencing the sleep challenge, which is typically because of a combination of factors. Once we correct these imbalances, step by step, we will see the child return to a state where they are calm, rested and there is no need for any sleep training

There is NO magic bullet or formula for sleep. Correcting a sleep challenge requires time, patience, and investigation. Popular one size fits all sleep training methods tend to have a “band-aid” effect and usually won’t work in the long term because they do not address the underlying issues causing the sleep challenge. What does work is tuning in to your child’s needs, correcting imbalances in schedule and lifestyle, and establishing consistent healthy habits around sleep in your home. 

My approach

My approach to working with families is to first get to know you and your child; your routines, your goals, your parenting style, and even what stressors you are dealing with. Then we ensure that all of the healthy habits and foundations are in place in order to give your child the best chance of getting some rest. We then address any learned behaviors that could be contributing to the sleep challenge. 

My approach is evidence and science based but also takes into account the emotions and relationships within the family. Each sleep plan is completely customized for your family and child's needs. 

what clients are saying about Nest:

”Thank you, again. I can't say it enough! Life is so much more manageable than it was a few months ago. I can't believe how different I feel and how much more I'm able to enjoy her now that we're both sleeping through the night!”

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